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Max Benoliel

Founder and CEO

Embarking on his journey over 35 years ago, Max Benoliel brings four decades of industry insight and expertise to M&R. His transition to wholesale wasn’t just a career shift but a calling to cultivate lasting customer relationships. At M&

Ruthy Benoliel

Founder & Advisor

Max’s wife and the core pillar of M&R, Ruthy has entrusted her values to the next generation of the Benoliel’s. Thanks to Ruthy’s unwavering belief in this core value, honesty is the foundation on which M&R Distributors was built. He

David Benoliel

Head of Purchasing

With a decade of unwavering commitment, David Benoliel is the visionary propelling our growth at M&R. His innovation and strategic acumen have paved the path for M&R’s expansion, heralding new supplier relationships that redefine the lim

Danny Benoliel

Head of Sales

As the Head of Sales, Danny Benoliel has been an anchor in our team for over five impactful years. Beyond a sales leader, Danny is a relationship nurturer, leveraging his exceptional interpersonal skills to give customers unparalleled, personalize

Isaac Benoliel

Head of Marketing and Technology

Building upon his three years of experience, Isaac Benoliel seamlessly merges his engineering expertise with sharp business acumen. His influence resonates in transforming our operations and sales, where technology becomes a conduit for M&R Di

Barbara Azcuy

Head of Operations

As the Head of Operations, Barbara Azcuy brings over two decades of experience and a diverse educational background that converges into an interdisciplinary mastery of operations and human resource management.


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